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Location: TD Ameritrade - 1881 Broadway at 62nd Street

Time: 6:00pm


KIDS COMPANY provides young people of all backgrounds and experience levels the opportunity to work with theater professionals to develop skills in singing, acting, and choreography. Kids Company is made up of children and teens ages 6-14 who learn and grow together as an ensemble.  KIDS COMPANY includes 4 offerings: PRODUCTION, SHOWCASE, STUDIO PRODUCTION, and VOCAL LAB.  PRODUCTION, SHOWCASE, and STUDIO PRODUCTION programs provide in-depth musical theater experiences that culminate in exciting fully developed performances. Each program session is modeled off of a professional rehearsal process and participants are required to make a commitment of attendance, punctuality, participation, and effort. PRODUCTION participation is by audition only and culminates in a scripted musical.  SHOWCASE culminates in a musical review/cabaret style presentation. STUDIO PRODUCTION culminates in a mini scripted musical performance.  With an ensemble focus, SHOWCASE and STUDIO PRODUCTION are an excellent place for newer performers to develop skills, confidence, and technique in a supportive, dynamic, and fun environment.

Website: Kids Company

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