The Candy Apples

Grant and Andy of The Candy Apples have been writing/performing together since adolescence. Their original music has been described as an amalgam of roots rock and psychedelic-pop, and they perform regularly as a two-man acoustic cover band. They specialize in tight vocal harmony, and intricate acoustic guitar arrangements of Pop, Soul, and R&B classics from… View Article

The Brain Cloud

The Brain Cloud is the brain-child of multi-instrumentalist Dennis Lichtman and vocalist Tamar Korn. Regarding the diverse influences in their sound, which could loosely be described as western swing, says Lichtman, “Western swing is a quintessentially American music – a meeting point of all American musics that had come before it – jazz (from ragtime… View Article

LaGuardia High School Show Choir at Time Warner Center

A performance from the LaGuardia High School Show Choir is a Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square tradition. Sing along as these talented students treat holiday revelers on the second floor of Time Warner Center to another fantastic performance. Location: Time Warner Center, 2nd Floor Time: 7:30pm

The Sunnyside Social Club

The Sunnyside Social Club is a 5 piece powerhouse combining influences stemming from New Orleans blues, Jazz, Swing, Gypsy Punk and Latin music.  Formed underneath the 7 train in Sunnyside, Queens as a busking act originally called “Yo, Gimme a dolla’!”, the band quickly became a favorite of locals and started performing as a solid… View Article

Batala NYC: All Women – AfroBrazilian Percussion Band

Batala NYC is a New York City, home-grown, Afro-Brazilian drum band composed entirely of women. These Winter’s Eve veterans are back for their fourth year of drumming and dancing in Lincoln Square. The music of Batala originates in Salvador de Bahia, in North Eastern Brazil. The international Batalá family owes its existence to Giba Gonçalves, a drummer… View Article